The Function Of Mini Fan

1. Practicability: There is a big functional difference between the fan and the air conditioner, because the air conditioner mainly "cools down", while the fan is "natural heat prevention" and "ventilation". Therefore, electric fans have a fixed user group by using their own effects that are different from air conditioners.

2. Versatility: There are two strong and weak gears and switch gears, the intensity can be adjusted; whether it is in appearance or function, it is more personalized. The tower air fan is noble and elegant, the cartoon table fan is cute and cute, and the computer control is natural. Wind, sleep wind, etc.

3. Decorative: Today's fans have changed the traditional image in people's impressions. Small fans are diverse in shape, beautiful and practical, vivid in shape, and lovely in image; fans in handicraft style are more and 

more popular among the public.