The Development Process Of USB Mini Fan 

In the summer now, basically everyone wants to hide in the air-conditioned room, but there is always a time to go out. At this time, many people start to prepare themselves fully, because there is so much sun outside and so high. Temperature, it’s hard not to let people do some preparations. If it’s a girl, it’s probably a lot of layers of sunscreen, and then there are sunscreen umbrellas and various sunscreen gadgets. Otherwise, girls just It is easy to get tanned, and it will become unsightly after tanning. This is a very painful thing for girls. Now because the weather is too hot, some boys are also fully armed when they go out. After all, this society is not just girls who have these powers.
In fact, among these people who go out, there must be many people who put such an artifact in their bags, that is, a hand-held electric fan. Although these things are relatively small, sometimes they can’t behave like an air conditioner. It works well, but it helps people relieve the heat to a certain extent. Otherwise, if you look at the current stars sometimes wearing super heavy costumes during the summer filming, you will usually see the pictures taken by passers-by, you will see that these people have a small fan in their hands, although they don’t. The air conditioner is so effective, but it also plays an important role.

In fact, there was no such portable fan in the past. I remember that when I was in elementary school, this kind of electric fan was not widely used by people at that time, because people at that time were the first time after all. This kind of small electric fan is rarely seen, and these things are often regarded as very fun toys, because sometimes when you really feel hot, these things can play a relatively small role. Another important point is that the summer temperature at that time was not as extreme as it is now.
I remember when I was very young, on summer nights, I always saw some old people, carrying stools, holding a large fan in their hands, and then sitting under the big tree to enjoy the cool. In fact, sometimes the fan’s wind It is also very large, but in fact, this kind of fan still consumes a lot of manpower when it is used, and sometimes it does not feel very cool at all, so the effect of this kind of fan is not very good. Later, people invented it. Electric fans, electric fans are cool, but the size of electric fans is very large, if people feel hot when they go out, they can't use these electric fans.
Later, in order to make these electric fans better serve people, many manufacturers began to make a fuss about the size of electric fans, making these electric fans smaller and smaller, but the function of these electric fans has not changed, so With the emergence of such relatively small electric fans, and with the development of the current society, these electric fans have also appeared in various styles. Some small fans rely on batteries, but now there are more electric fans. Like a mobile phone, it needs to be charged, and it can still be charged with a power bank, so you don’t have to worry about this kind of small electric fan suddenly running out of power when you go out, as long as you bring a power bank, you don’t need this at all The worry is that it's okay if you don't bring a power bank, because generally this kind of small electric fan can last a long time.