Why Mini Fan Is Popular By People

1. The main consumer groups of early mini fans are students, and their functions are generally relatively simple. At the same time, due to the limited number of manufacturers, and most of them are battery models, other groups have less applications. Since then, after the advantages of portability and personalized experience have gradually emerged, the market heat of mini fans has increased day by day. In recent years, the number of brands of handheld and desktop mini fans has increased significantly, with diverse shapes and personalities, which are deeply loved by young consumers.

2. On this basis, some home appliance brands have also begun to enter the field. Taking leiws appliances as an example, in response to the personalized needs of more consumers, leiws appliances, which focus on high-value appearance and personalized product experience, have specially launched small desktop tower fans, clip fans, hand-held electric fans, air circulation fans, and hanging necks. Fans, bed desktop portable fans and other products. Among them, its specially designed bed desktop portable fan has the advantages of ultra-thin, portable, 180° air regulation, wireless use, stepless air regulation, and can be used continuously for 10 hours after full power. , The special shape design suitable for various scenarios is recognized and loved by many consumers.
3. Different from the traditional mini fans, today's Internet celebrity fans are gradually developing into all-round players with three-in-one appearance, quality and function. Say goodbye to the dilemma of the traditional mini fan's battery that does not turn on without power. Today's mini fans mostly support USB charging and have 3-speed adjustment. Some products are equipped with brushless motors, which have more stable performance and lower noise.
4. In terms of price, the continuously optimized appearance and functions have increased the price of portable fan products accordingly. However, due to the low production cost and technical cost of the product, the price of most popular small fans is still concentrated in tens of yuan. to 100 yuan. In addition, through the analysis and summary of the problems of different types of Internet celebrity small fan products, the reporter of "Electrical Appliance" found that after-sales insecurity, unstable wind speed, operating noise, short battery life, and false propaganda are common problems in the Internet celebrity small fan market. , Therefore, for the net red small fan, the product quality problem is still an aspect that needs to be optimized in the future development of the net red portable fan.