USB Fan Make You Far Away From Hot In Summer

USB Fan Is A Good Partner In Summer:

      When going out in summer, I’m all resisting, because summer is not only very hot, but also very stuffy. For people who are afraid of heat, July and August are the most difficult months of each year. There are air conditioners and fans at home, but when you go out, Hard to say,

Walking out for five minutes is basically hot enough to faint, so is there any artifact that can bring a refreshing experience anytime, anywhere? The answer is naturally yes, and that is the small USB fan. Bring a small fan when you go out, no matter how hot it is.


     The biggest feature of a small USB fan is its convenience. Because it is an artifact that everyone needs when going out, so when choosing a small fan, you must also pay attention to its portability and the wind. If the wind is too small, We can't feel the cool breeze in the hot sun.

We Would Like To Recommend Two Designs to you:

     Our factory developed a new hanging neck fan this year, adopting an independent life brand style that coexists inheritance and innovation, combining the natural purity of traditional handcraft with the exquisite beauty of modern craftsmanship, and is committed to providing global consumers with customized Japanese style Exquisite life.

The biggest feature of the Yuri hanging neck fan is to free your hands and break through the concept of traditional portable fans. It is easy to operate and adjust at will, allowing you to enjoy the breeze at any time when you go out.

     The other is a portable handheld folding fan with a brushless motor, which has a service life of 2000 hours, and can ensure low-speed, stable and stable operation during use. With three-speed wind adjustment, it can evenly and intensively cut the airflow, with the stability of the brushless motor, Provide the feeling of pure natural wind. However, hand-held small fans are not as convenient as hanging neck fans.