The Trends Of Mini Handheld Fan 

The feeling that summer brings to many people is air conditioning, big sun and heat. The summer heat is a hot feeling from the inside to the outside, especially when we sweat, we will feel every pore in our body exhale heat at this time, complaining about dissatisfaction with the high temperature and heat.
At this time, the air conditioner is equivalent to "saving a lot of people's lives". When the summer is the hottest, I just want to hold the air conditioner without letting go, and enjoy the cool breeze indoors quietly. But it's impossible not to go out, and it's a sure and sure fact that you sweat as soon as you go out.

In summer, we will find that there will be people on the roads, subways and buses holding a small cute hand-held fan, which can not only keep the breeze blowing on the body at any time, but also grab our sight with super high looks, and now the fan There are more and more styles, not only hair dryer, but also various functions.

If you need to be exposed to hot wind for a long time, or the indoor air conditioner is not so cool, this is a hand-held fan that comes in handy! Here is a list of good-looking, practical and convenient hand-held fans, come and take away your cute!
The color of the fresh candy is matched with the light volume of 165g, so it will not feel heavy when carried on the body. The innovative handheld fan design that can be both handheld and desktop placement can provide 8 hours of battery life to meet the blowing needs of various occasions.
The cool colors in summer are very eye-catching. The 180° foldable design is convenient to hold and store, and it does not take up any space in the bag. The lanyard at the tail is easy to grab, and it is not easy to fall, which has better protection for the small hand-held fan.
Combine the small fan and the power bank into one, and set the three-speed wind speed adjustment to meet the needs of different situations. It uses a brand-new four-leaf silent fan, which runs at high speed through brushless direct current to bring fresh and cool breeze without causing much noise.
The compact mini size is easy to carry, and the built-in large wind brushless motor brings strong but soft cool breeze. This small fan also contains a battery capacity of 2500 mAh, which prevents the phone from temporarily out of power.